NatureWalk Owner and Guest Guidelines

updated: December 2020

Gathering Place

  • Pool hours are 7:00 am – 8:00 pm during daylight savings time and 9:00 pm afterwards. Pool access cards/codes are required for entry. See your owner manual for details. Cameras have been installed for your safety. Please observe the posted pool rules. Violators will be evicted and trespassers prosecuted. Absolutely no glass is allowed at the Gathering Place.
  • Please turn off what you turn on (grills, firepit, etc.) when finished.


  • Trash pickup is every Monday and Thursday morning – usually by 6am. We have active bears and raccoons in this neighborhood. Many cans are equipped with straps to prevent the animals from tearing into trash bags. Please be sure that garbage is put out only the night before, lids closed tightly, and that the straps are put on.
  • All trash should be bagged and placed inside the trash cans assigned to your house. The trash cans must be returned to the corral. Please do not use your neighbors trash cans.


  • Please honor the neighborhood 15 mph speed limit and all stop signs.
  • Please park cars in driveways or on the paver spots throughout the community. The paver parking in front of homes or greenspace is not reserved. No Parking is allowed on the street, in the pine straw, on walkways, sidewalks, or yards.
  • Keep any garage door closed when not at home.
  • Boats, trailers, and RV’s are not allowed in the community.

Golf Carts

  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should Golf Carts be driven by unlicensed drivers. Please refer to your house rules for specific age requirements. Golf Carts cannot be driven on ANY Trails or on Lily Lane.
  • The same parking rules apply to golf carts as with cars. No Parking on the street, no overnight parking at the pool, No Parking in the pine straw, on or across walkways/sidewalks, or yards. Please refer to your house rules for specific parking requirements.

Home Appearance

  • Toys, bicycles, and ALL beach gear belong in the back of the house and should not be scattered in the front yard, sidewalks, driveways, or front railings.
  • Beach towels, swim suits, and other articles are prohibited on the front porch rails.

Pets – for homes that allow pets

  • Dogs must always be leashed and pick up after your pets. We have provided dog stations throughout the neighborhood for waste disposal for your convenience.

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