While Naturewalk does not have lions or tigers, we are home to the Florida Black Bear.  These are very large bears!  Do not leave food in your car or outside.

Most important is bagging ALL garbage and putting it in the trash bin assigned to your home.  The garbage must be completely inside the can and secured with the straps.  No garbage should ever be put outside the can. Trash pick up in the neighborhood is Monday and Thursday in the very early morning. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bear information resources provided by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission in regards to bears in residential areas.

Living with Bears


Bears are driven by their need to eat and with a sense of smell that can detect odors over a mile away, problems arise when bears gain access to food sources such as pet foods, garbage, barbecue grills, birdseed, or even livestock feed. 

To keep bears away, follow this advice:

Secure household garbage in a shed, garage, or a wildlife-resistant container (like a bear-resistant container or caddy ).

Put household garbage out on the morning of pickup rather than the night before.

– Secure commercial garbage in bear-resistant dumpsters.

– Protect gardens, beehives, compost, and livestock with electric fencing.

– Encourage your homeowners’ association or local government to institute ordinances on keeping foods that attract wildlife secure.

– Feed pets indoors or bring in dishes after feeding.

– Clean grills and store them in a locked, secure place.

– Remove wildlife feeders or make them bear-resistant 

NatureWalk – Dec. 2020 BEFORE
NatureWalk – Dec. 2020 AFTER

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